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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

By LaToya Early

Image by Pixabay

Regardless of what I'm experiencing emotionally, I've decided not to allow it to change my pursuit of success.

The entrepreneurial world is saturated with products and training materials to assist with starting and maintaining a business to generating wealth. However, in order to go from worried to wealthy, I had to redirect my focus from 'professional development' to 'personal development' and focus on the internal functions of me. Focusing on your internal functions is extremely important in generating wealth. Building wealth is not just about how great your products and services are or your loss and profit statements. Your wealth is buried between your limited thinking and inability to trust God - your ability to walk by faith and not by sight is what will actually sustain you as an entrepreneur and cause growth in your business. Think about it, if love is the glue that holds you to your business then God must be the center of your relationship. Why? Because God is love (1 John 4:8) and you can't truly love anyone or anything without having Him in your life. If I wanted God to be at the center of my business, I had to learn how to put my trust in Him and stop worrying.

So how did I go from Worried to Wealthy?

STEP 1. I changed the way I viewed my business. The functions of my business were not to only to gain wealth but to help people, and through my service, wealth would come. I had to stop worrying about the clients I didn't have and focus my attention on the clients God entrusted under my leadership. The moment I started to treat my business as a lifestyle and not a robotic system I was able to create freedom in my thinking. Your business should be as structured as a professional entity and should be run with the consumer at heart.

Step 2. I changed the way I viewed wealth. While wealth is defined as an abundance of valuable possessions or money, I had to learn that my possessions were beyond material things. The old proverb says "knowledge is power", but I've learned that knowledge isn't powered if it's not applied. Be the expert in your field and accept your level of knowledge as a form of wealth. Be healthy, be happy, serve others, don't be bitter. Instead, be forgiving and you'll soon realize that your abundance of wealth starts with your internal functions and will show in your finances.

Step 3. I changed my habits. Discipline is the key to gaining wealth. If you aren't disciplined with what you are entrusted with there is no way you will be able to handle anything in abundance. Budgeting an income that's less than your expenses can be frustrating, but it's not about having enough money. A mental shift has to take place, and you must transform your thinking patterns in order to qualify for the abundance to come.

Step 4. I changed the way I spoke about money. I used to focus on the things that hindered the possibility of becoming wealthy. I used words such as "broke" and "not enough". One day I decided to speak words of positivity and growth, reciting phrases such as "I will" and "when it comes". This simple transition has created a hope in me that attracts the wealth I desire. I no longer use words that cause defeat and I instead speak life into my business.

Finally, Step 5. I made a decision. When I begin to notice those familiar signs of falling out of love with entrepreneurship, I no longer allow separation to be an option. I've committed myself to service of the people, to impact lives and be the hope many are searching for. Regardless of what I'm experiencing emotionally, I've decided not to allow it to change my pursuit of success. Emotions change, but the purpose is rooted from the beginning. Don't let your temporary setbacks destroy your future success.

Fall 2018

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