Opportunity Costs And The Distraction of Being Busy

By: Te'Asia Martin

It’s 2021 and hopefully you've been able to pause and make your New Year's declarations. If not, I reccommend this powerful faith-affirmation,“This year I expect to be different in the best way possible! New me, who dis?” The opportunity to become a better you begins in the mind - if you don’t think it, you can’t be it. When you start thinking better, brighter, or higher thoughts of yourself, whether you realize it or not, your thought patterns begin to manifest in your actions.

In episode 7 of Lovecraft Country (shameless plug) Hippolyta goes on an entire journey exploring her vast potential, declaring “I AM”at the helm of each transition. In the episode, Hippolyta learns exactly how powerful, smart, and loved she is the moment she 'names herself", exercising faith in her own declarations. (10 out of 10 stars. Would highly recommend!). Most of us, like Hippolyta, haven't realized the substance of our hopes yet and unfortunately many of us have been distracted.

There are two examples of women in the Bible with strong faith who are both seemingly in a prime position to gain wisdom. However, one misses the moment because she’s simply too busy.

Martha, a woman of faith had opened her home up to Jesus. Her sister, Mary, was sitting at the feet of Jesus soaking in His presence and wisdom, taking no part in helping to prepare the meal for the guest in their home. Martha was aggravated at her sister’s non-participation. Martha asked Jesus why he didn't make Mary come help, and Jesus explained to her that the place to be was at His feet - being busy in the house was the distraction. (Luke 10:38-42 NLT)

If you are like Martha, a busy person: This is your year to re-evaluate your schedule. Be aware of how being “busy” interrupts you being in the position to gain wisdom. Check your activities and surroundings and be critical of their edification to your life. Are you missing moments of growth due to being over-saturated with things to do? If so, re-imagine, re-strategize your life.

If you are like Mary: Rest in your discernment. There is something powerful about recognizing greatness and making time to be in the moment. If you want to see growth for yourself, keep going down this path. Sitting at the feet of the great people will position you to become a greater blessing. Even if it’s repeating information to someone who needs to hear it; you are a blessing because of that.

Taking on Mary's stillness and absorbant spirit and leaving the busy-body attitude of Martha in 2020 are spiritual 2021 goals. Tasks will always be there, but this year, it’s all about edifying your mind and soul. When those things are in balance, the evidence will be in the pudding.

*Image by Pexels.com

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