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Nude Is The New Normal: Luxury Brand, Kahmune, Redefines 'Nude' In Fashion Culture

By: Kaitlyn Rose

From sharp pumps to classy totes, luxury brand, Kahmune, (pronounced “com-mune”) proves that “Nude” is no longer a color, it’s a palette. Designed to match the skin tones of women of all complexions, Kahmune offers luxury styles in 10 shades ranging from the fairest of tones to the darkest of browns. Handmade with premium leathers, the sustainable brand is truly “the whole package” threaded with a clear emphasis on representation, diversity, and “Khamunity.”

Photo via @Kahmune

Founder and Brand Director, Jamela A. Acheampong, had an experience like a lot of us. As she was scrolling through the ‘Gram in 2016 she came across a look that she instantly desired to recreate. Kim Kardashian was dressed in “nude” from head to toe, and to achieve the carbon copy of the ensemble, Jamela began to search for pieces that matched her darker skin tone. Running into the same tan and beige results, and failing to find her own shade of nude, she decided to purchase a pair of white pumps...and some paint. After mixing a few colors to create a shade of brown that matched her skin tone, Jamela spent hours painting her pumps, and finally, she designed her true nude. She was thrilled! Wanting other women to experience that same feeling of joy and inclusion, she then created the trailblazing brand, Kahmune. With a long-lasting mission to provide “nude” products to women of all colors, Jamela says, “We are a solution to the age-old fallacy that ‘nude’ refers to a specific color.” Talk about a successful DIY!

Founder and Brand Director, Jamela A. Acheampong

Now as a luxury one-stop shop for timeless wardrobe essentials, Kahmune clothes women with heels, sandals, flats, and tote bags that are textured with Nappa leathers and suedes, sourced directly from Italy. Plus, all of the hides are produced in factories that adhere to strict European manufacturing standards, minimizing any detrimental effects on the environment. As seen on many of our favorite celebs like Lupita Nyong’o, Tamera Mowry, and more, Kahmune is the industry leader when it comes to redefining nude!

@tameramowrytwo in Kahmune's Becky 110mm in shade Rio.

Styled by @oakleycree

Kahmune celebrates the diversity of human complexions giving women the confidence, sophistication, and comfort that we need. With memory foam insoles in select styles and a wide variety of shoe sizes and heel heights, the brand not only delivers a powerful message but also provides versatility and quality products. Kahmune is giving other high-end labels a run for their money, is Beyoncé approved, and is definitely a brand to watch!

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Images via @Kahmune


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