Making Fashion Statements: 5 Brands You Should Be Wearing & Supporting

By Kaitlyn Rose

October is National Women’s Small Business Month, and these five, female and Black-owned businesses are creating lasting legacies and playing vital roles within the fashion industry, and beyond. Both locally and nationally, these up-and-coming fashion and beauty brands are making noise with their voices, movements, and efforts to educate and empower the women of this world. Here are our top 5 brands that you should be supporting and wearing right now.

Hanifa -

Making history with a never-seen-before virtual 3D fashion show in May 2020, Hanifa stunned the world by debuting it's Pink Label Congo collection, intertwining history and high fashion. Founded by creative genius Anifa Mvuemba, Hanifa is coined to be the brand “for the limitless woman,” representing nothing but poise, extravagance, and culture. Full of bold colors, flowy fabrics, and an array of textures, the shop highlights femininity by illuminating the natural curves and elements of women. The brand’s luxurious catalog holds sizes 0 to 20 for women.

Body! by Raven Tracy -

Where “beautiful” isn’t a size, shape, or determined by society. Body by Raven Tracy is empowering women to shift their focus from how others perceive them, to a mindset of confidence, growth, and self love. Covered or uncovered, the brand and movement encourages women to embrace their bodies and quirks, while shutting out the noise of opinionated critics and the ever-changing societal beauty “standards.” In alignment with its mission, the brand showcases a diverse range of models, providing opportunities for women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and more.

God Thinks I Am -

God Thinks I Am is the perfect blend of faith and femininity. This minimalistic, lifestyle brand is for the modern woman who embodies boldness and grace, with a shop of basics including bodysuits, tees, joggers, and accessories. The brand makes “what God thinks,” the standard of empowering apparel and editorial content. Home to the “Then, God Made Woman '' tee, the brand inspires women to become what God created them to be, regardless of how others viewed them. With a heavy focus on authenticity, the brand encourages us as women to believe in the power and promises of God. Founded in Detroit by Alana Frazier, God Thinks I Am is inspiring and ministering to women all over the world. Providing space to complete the sentence, “God thinks I am,” encourages believers to fill in the blank with affirmations to speak into our own daily lives. Here are some affirmations that the brand gives for starters: God thinks I Am...awesome, more than enough, beautiful, worth it, capable.


LAPP the Brand -

Founded by model & entrepreneur, Leomie Anderson, the LAPP brand was created to represent not only women's’ style, but their issues and pressures as well through athleisure fashion. The brand stemmed from an open letter written by Leomie that went viral, where she discussed the issue of consent and the right to say “no.” Standing for “Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose,” the LAPP brand promotes unity with messages of empowerment and diversity intertwined in each piece of clothing. In addition to clothing, the brand voices positivity and social justice through it's online blog, the Lapp Magazine.


Base Butter -

A brand that is dedicated to helping women, especially Black women, feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies by creating products that are designed to revitalize and protect the skin. Home to the #1 aloe vera gel-based moisturizer for PH balanced and hydrated skin Base Butter provides “simple formulas that safely improve the overall health of the skin for immediate protection and long-term results.” What makes this brand extra special is it’s dedication to educating consumers of ingredients, routines, and tips to keep skincare easy for Black women. Additionally, with a mission to stand up for equality and justice, since June, the company has been donating 10% of all profits to an organization that is doing critical work to fight for equitable opportunities, as well as offer programs and resources to the Black community.


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