The Side Hustle: 3 Hobbies That Can Make You Money During Quarantine

By Regina Christine Crayton @reginachristinecrayton


Do you ever find yourself at your sewing machine creating original pieces for yourself here and there? Well, since COVID-19 has hit our country, protective masks are in high demand and will most likely continue to be in demand in the coming months. Help keep your community safe by offering your handcrafted creations at an affordable price all while building a network of future customers. If you want to take it a step further, gather information from your customers about what other items they could use to help them continue to feel safe, and consider providing it. Now is a great time to share just how much you truly enjoy sewing. You may be surprised at the response you’ll get, as well as the dollars you’ll make in the comfort of your own home. Thread up those bobbins and get to stitching something spectacular!


Is the kitchen your preferred creation zone? Do your family and friends make you feel like you’re the next Food Network cooking champion? Well, show others what you’ve got! While many of us are still confined to our homes with limited restaurant options, social media is more popular than ever, so use it to your advantage by showcasing your skills in the kitchen. If you’re great at creating digital media, consider creating an e-recipe guide to at-home cooking. Take a quick inventory of the supplies, groceries, and ingredients you have already on hand and see what you can teach others to make with ease. You can become an instant online cooking sensation with global students.


Are you skilled or an expert in a particular area and find yourself eager to share your knowledge? Zoom has become a go-to spot for connecting as well as sharing information. During this quarantine, some may be looking to use their downtime to sharpen their skills. If you offer valuable information, people are more than willing to pay for it. Professionals like Tutors, Teachers, Graphic designers, Hairstylists, Fitness Trainers, Nutritionists, Zumba/Yoga instructors, Business coaches and like, can offer tips, webinars, training sessions, and e-materials at a discounted rates. You may be able to create passive income all without leaving your home. Another option is to offer one on one attention which could be sold be at a higher price point.

Happy Earning!

Image by Pexels

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