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We’re so elated that you have interest in becoming a contributing writer! The benefits of being an Advance Magazine contributor are invaluable and are as follows:


  • Your contribution is directly linked to yourself and any business you own. By contributing, you will gain increased exposure to your content to help grow your personal and professional brand.

  • The tips you provide to our readers will cause them to act on those tips, allowing them to improve their quality of life. 

  • By contributing to Advance Magazine, position yourself as an expert and as our community quickly grows, the faster you are able to build your online presence and authority.

  • You join a network of other ambitious women and are able to cultivate personal and professional relationships.

How To Get Started…


Those interested in becoming a contributor must complete the form linked below to submit a formal writing sample for consideration. Please upload any of your writing that is relative to topics Advance Magazine currently covers. Feel free to provide links and/or attach a word/pdf file.


NOTE: If you do not have previous work but would like to submit a new piece for consideration, please be sure to note that you are submitting a new piece written specifically for Advance Magazine. All work must be original and proofread for grammatical and spelling errors.




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