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Unity Matters in Detroit

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

By Sylvia Hubbert

Detroiters come together for "Unity Matters" a photoshoot tribute to stand against violence, prejudice and racism.

When you think of the word UNITY what comes to mind? Go ahead and take a second to think… while you are thinking here is what comes to my mind, togetherness, community, and harmony. There are so many other words that can define this strong word but the one that sticks out to me the most is ONE.

In recent news and events, hatred and violence is at an all time high. As a response, many people of a variety of races and all over the world, have voiced their discontentment by way of protest, looting and rioting. On Sunday June 14, I put out a call to those who felt like myself and wanted to take a stand using art in the form of photography. Photography is an expression of what words can not say. Our goal was to show that we can come together and portray what now-days is strange to some.

Unity can't be accomplished without the help of others and it starts with us as individuals. All races were created for a purpose however, with purpose comes responsibility. Each ethnicity and culture has a responsibility to show the future generations that we have learned from the past and are now able to work together to create the world we want our children to be raised in. Unity Matters in Detroit and together we took a stand against violence, prejudice and racism. We demonstrated that people from different backgrounds can be responsible and come together to accomplish ONE goal!

call to those who felt like

Creative Director/Stylist: SylviaNicole Hubbert

Assistant Director/Stylist:Twoin Berry 

Photographer: Dave Summerlin 

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