Tragedy May Be The Best Thing That Can Happen For Your Business.

By: Jere’My Rankins

Think about one of the most difficult times in your life where your faith, world views, or even your purpose for living was challenged. For millions of entrepreneurs and business owners alike, 2020 brought extreme difficulty and unprecedented hardships. However, 2021 is full of new opportunities for entrepreneurs ready to share their products, services, and new ideas with the world.

Fox Business listed 10 successful startups founded during or shortly after the 2008 recession. most of which grew to be some of the most useful applications of our time. Just to name a few; Groupon was founded in 2008, Whatsapp in 2009, Uber in 2009, Instagram in 2010, and Pinterest in 2010.

Despite launching during one of the most vulnerable periods in American history, these companies became extremely successful multimillion-dollar companies that continue to provide goods and much needed services to the world. Looking back at it, the decisions were genius, but some would argue that this time period would have been the worst to launch a major project.

I'm pretty sure there were some failed attempts with other great ideas as well, but there is something to learn from the success of major companies like Uber and Instagram. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs chose to identify crises, pandemics, and recessions as opportunities instead of tragedies.

Changes in your perception about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to your startup or “small” business providing meaningful services while making you the big bucks. In order to reposition your business to meet the new and unique demands of your customers, there is some work to be done and it begins with processing life’s obstacles a bit differently.

Training the mind to filter through pain and suffering to identify positivity and hope is difficult, but once we begin to challenge our processing norms, creativity and resilience will to glow within us and shine on others. While others see a horrible pandemic, train your mind to think of ways to soothe a vulnerability in your specific market or in the economy.

We can become derailed by roadblocks and challenges, but one thing to take away from our weakest moments or most difficult trials in life is how to find the hidden opportunities. Our past experiences mold who we are and help foster the resilience that is already innate.

With that being said, the number of lives lost and negatively impacted during this pandemic does not go without our condolences here at Advance Magazine. To all of the startups and entrepreneurs, this is an opportunity for you to create. Channel those superhero powers that are embedded deep within the core crevices of your soul and use them to dominate this year!

Opportunities surround us everywhere. We are creators by nature and born to evolve. In 2021, only you can stop yourself from taking your creative mind to the next level.



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