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‘Tis the Season For New Holiday Traditions

Chanté White @chattingwithchante

Holiday traditions have always brought families together. Whether it's Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's, Christmas tree trimming at your Aunt's, or even the family's annual NYE gift exchange, tradition is something everyone looks forward to. Unfortunately, unexpected events can happen that cause a shift in our traditions. 

Our lives were changed at the beginning of this year due to Covid-19. This pandemic has shifted us into a “normal"that we have never experienced before. It has not been easy to adjust, but we have and are still making the most of it.

If you've been thinking of starting your own holiday tradition, now is the perfect time to change things up and create your “new normal.” With hand-made gifts, home made treats, socially distant hand deliveries, creative and heavily sanitized intimate gatherings, and virtual everything, it is not impossible to carry on with traditions, but it does leave room to be creative. Creating "new" traditions can be intimidating, but a lot of amazing memories can be formed for you and your family PLUS, you're keeping yourself and everyone else safe! 

Whether you change up your holiday rituals or not, without a doubt the most important thing is to safely enjoy yourself and your family. This holiday season is unlike any others we have experienced, so make the best of it. Spread lots of love, cheer, and great spirits.

Image by Pexels

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