The “L Word” - The Magic in Leadership

By Te’Asia Martin @coachteasiaa

We’ve all heard about Black Girl Magic, —and it’s great! But, what happens if you aren’t a black girl and you want magic too? Or, what if you don’t believe in “magic”, but would love a little sparkle in your life? What if you have faith, yet the path for you seems dim or unreal? Regardless of your position or the cards you’ve been dealt in life, we all must find ways to center ourselves in order to effectively lead in our own lives.

Leadership is largely about influence. If there are people who listen to you, value your opinion or look to you for advice, you have influence - this is the beginning of leadership. Without influence, it is nearly impossible to be seen by others as a resource. You can only be considered a resource when those around you seek your knowledge, skills and talents as a solution to a problem, if they don’t, you may not have influence in that group or space.

How do you tap into your own magic, light your spark, or find your path? How do you become the most effective, the most influential in your space or in your circle? Here are three tips for providing influential leadership:

1. Be True To Who You Are!

Someone once said, “Game Recognizes Game”. People have their own perception of you and those perceptions will be influenced by what you do. Think about what you want to be known for and how you want to show up in the world? What do you want people to remember about you? Most people identify with what’s genuine or inauthentic.

2. Ask Yourself How Do You Want People To Experience You?

If you don’t know, this is a great starting point. Jay Shetty, a vlogger and motivational speaker, has tons of content on strategies for figuring out where you want to be or who you want to be in life. As you read or watch his content, you’ll notice he’s consistent in his messaging. He helps his listeners develop a perception based on the type of content you see and know him for. If you can step back and objectively think about those things for yourself, you’ll be able to determine what you want to leave people with.

3. Every Great Leader is a Follower Of Something…

The same way every assistant director reports to a director, you as a leader have to determine what morals, values, and principles will guide you in making decisions as will they affect those you lead. Are you only following the person ahead of you because they are ahead of you, or are you actively making choices about who you follow based on your personal principles? Whether you like it or not, those you lead will see your level of commitment to your goals, morals, values, and principles. Sis, BE THE BLUEPRINT!

If you are going to lead, lead from your heart! Lead from the core of who you are, and you will find that spark, that magic, and the light you need for the path that God has laid before you.

Hello visionary status!

Image by Pexels

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