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Talk To Me Nice: Is Negative Self-Talk Keeping You From Hitting Your Fitness Goal? Probably.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

By: Jessica Holt

Let's admit it, we talk to ourselves... a lot! Most of the time we don't even know it, and even more often it’s negative, counterproductive, or simply not very uplifting! In such an image driven world, it's easy to allow other people's insecurities and self- doubts to seep into our spirits causing us to involve in negative self-talk and get down on ourselves and even become unmotivated. Be intentional about producing a positive inner-dialogue- don't be your own "mean girl"!

Self-love goes hand in hand with being healthy and fit as caring for yourself properly is a form of self-love. Let’s block out the negative noise with some positive self talk! If you're having trouble silencing the negativity, there is no need to worry. There are small and simlple steps you can take that will really help you boost your morale and self-confidence.

Consumer Alert!

Watch what you’re consuming from food, to content, to people. you get out what you put in.


Evaluate the source of the negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations .


Practice speaking positively to yourself in the mirror, saying positive affirmations and prayers.

Hit The Gas!

Surround yourself with people that “gas“you up! (Genuine and positive friends that encourage, and motivate you.)


Imagine your “best self”. Keep her at the forefront of your mind- think about what that looks and feels like and what she does to maintain that lifestyle. Show up as her every day.

Revamp Your Routine.

When it comes to your daily routines and habits, every now and then, try something different and exciting to mix it up a bit.


Drink plenty of water and develop a skin care regimen.

Get Moving!

Workout, and adopt healthy habits

Keep It Real.

Be honest with yourself, without the negative self-talk!

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