I Quit My Job For My Side Hustle: Nicaila Matthews-Okome Host & Owner of The Side Hustle Pro Podcast


By Te'Asia Martin

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing platforms for personalities to reach their audience. Nicalia Matthews-Okome is a woman on the rise, one to watch and support, as she climbs the ladder of success over the airwaves. Since its launch in 2016, Nicalia's podcast has amassed a following of aspiring entrepreneurs earning over three million downloads, has been named “the perfect entrepreneurship podcast” by Mashable (the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content) , and has been featured on The TODAY Show .

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Nicalia Matthews-Okome is the owner of the Side Hustle Pro Podcast one of the first and only podcasts to dives deep into the stories of African American women business owners who have transformed their passion projects and money-making side hustles into profitable, full-time businesses. Each episode features a different entrepreneur and gives them the platform to share their story, drop business gems, and strategies for transitioning their side-hustle into successful businesses. The Side-Hustle Podcast has welcomed the brilliant stories of Myliek Teele of CURLBox, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, and many other notable, (and hidden) gems!

Nicalia hails from the Bronx, and currently lives in the DMV with her husband, Muoyo Okome founder of Daily Spark Media  and the Daily Spark Entrepreneur Community, a fast-growing online community dedicated to the empowerment, education & support of entrepreneurs. Born in Jamaica, this Podcast Mogul went to college at the University of Pennsylvania for undergrad and the University of Michigan for her Master of Business Administration. After a series of short jobs that did not lead her to where she wanted to be, Nicalia took a job at the coveted NPR. There, she birthed the #sidehustlepropodcast. After working at NPR for roughly three years, Nicalia left her full time job to pursue her podcasting passion. In a matter of two years, Nicalia successfully acquired over 1 million downloads and financially secured her pivot from "side-hustling" to monetizing her podcast well enough to sustain a better income than at NPR!

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As a Master's degree recipient from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor for Marketing, Nicalia and her husband are building brands that speak to their passion areas. In 2019, Nicalia and Muoyo took America by storm, co-launching a coloring app and featuring Muoyo as a rising entrepreneur on the podcast - Nicalia set the tone that her and her husband have every intention on building a team business and genuinely support one another. As Muoyo continues to build apps and innovate ideas for the tech industry, Nicalia continues to launch her own initiatives and work intensively with emerging podcasters through her Podcast Moguls Accelerator. Showing no signs of slowing down, Nicalia and Muoyo's next endeavor includes a major expansion... thenewlyweds are expecting their first son!

Nicalia Matthews-Okome is a woman to watch (and listen) out for! Check out her podcast now on iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. By the time you’re done listening, you will be inspired, motivated, and ready to hire Nicalia to transform you into the next Podcast Mogul!

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