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giRLs DoN’t pLaY sPoRtS: Lilian Abdelmalek Breaks The Rules

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

By Jessica Holt

Confidence, intelligence, and knowledge are game-changers for future generations of women. Seeing other women soar, inspires us to be confident in knowing that we can also accomplish greater and break barriers, especially with more collaboration and less competition. To witness other women defy the odds and push past societal stigmas in their respective industries is extremely empowering, and I must say in the sports and fitness world, women are dominating and accomplishing unprecedented feats.

Imagine how “tough” it must be to not only break into what was looked at as a male-dominated industry, but also to go against the stereotypical ideas that “girls aren’t supposed to do that”, “girls don’t know enough about sports/fitness”, or “girls aren’t supposed to exhibit physicality” and become a woman training men to perform better. Women like Lilian Albdelmalek, a sports trainer in Atlanta, Georgia, are trailblazing and shattering glass ceilings each and every day!

Lilian Abdelmalek attended the University of Florida and received her degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Exercise and Sports Sciences. While you’d most likely find her training at Piedmont Park in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Lilian has been acknowledged for teaching and training some of the best athletes in the world. She has also participated in camps for underprivileged athletes led by some of her NFL star clients.

Lilian started DSA (Dynamics of Speed & Agility) Training in October 2009 after working for two sports performance companies, concentrating on speed, agility, footwork, and explosive training for athletes during their respective off-seasons. Under DSA, Lilian has trained hundreds of high school and college athletes striving to become professionals in their sports as well as professional NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes.

Demonstrating some of her techniques on social media and at sporting events around the country, Lilian is a quiet force moving throughout the industry. At the DSA Training Facility, in addition to athletic coaching, reputable therapists will also coach your recovery using massage and physical therapy. Lilian is respected and admired because her passion shows, and as a woman in the Sports and Fitness industry, it’s a great feeling to have earned that respect.

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