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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

By Jessica Holt @jesskickinit

Illustration by Rob Dobi/ The Guardian

Atlanta is known to be the staple of Black culture. Honestly, it’s been truly inspiring to see how Atlanta has cultivated so many movers and shakers. Emerging in an environment where Black culture, and leaders are tangible, adds a different source of motivation and prominence to your dreams and goals.

Although it‘s constantly changing with gentrification looming, and a major population and diversity boom, the foundation of Black culture still remains strong. It sounds a bit cliché, but Atlanta influences everything. The city has had a Black mayor for the last 4 decades, an airport named after former mayor/African American, Auburn Avenue, the hub of the civil rights movement; Edgewood hosts thriving black businesses, the Martin Luther king historic district, home of HBCUs, Black Hollywood, this list goes on. There is heavy influence from politics, music and entertainment. There are so many heavy hitters in each industry with ties to Atlanta. When organizations think of moving their companies, building their brands, producing music and film, Atlanta is almost always a part of the conversation.

As it relates to the ambitious woman, growing up in Atlanta, you feel limitless, with a sense of pride and respect. Now being older I realize the importance of visibility and how that cultivates the dreamer. For myself and many others, it was important to see that Black principal or educator, Black women in leadership at the Coca-Cola company, Black women in politics, Black actresses and entertainers and successful moguls. It allowed me to know that it’s doable. Unlike other places these things may not have been prevalent. More so now than ever the millennial women has reached heights in technology, sports, entrepreneurship and other male dominated industries. The conversation has shifted, “We’re no longer begging for a seat at the table, we’re providing the table”. Seeing and promoting women owned businesses and franchises, provides so much hope to future generations. We have a Mayor named “KEISHA”.


Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms via

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