Updated: Apr 1

What's better than seeing a melanated couple who's madly in love and supportive of each other? Seeing several!

By Jasmine Rivers

To watch any couple boldly show their love for each other inspires, however, blissful brown love pulls at the heartstrings of many - especially those in the black community. As racial tension continues to disrupt society, it is vitally important that the black community constantly and consistently show that regardless of how we are treated as individuals and as a group; we are able to remain grounded.

The black family is constantly being torn down. I'm fully supportive of driven and ambitious women who choose to remain single while building their careers and the lives they've always dreamed of, however as a Christ-follower, I believe a family should consist of the man as the head who leads his wife and children, should they be blessed to have some. Our favorite songs and television shows tell us that it's okay for black women to be side-chicks or be too independent to want a husband. Social media plays a huge role in the dissolution of the black family. Most would say that social media rules, but please know that black love is real and very much present.

The following couples not only exude excellence in their professions but also in their relationships. They prove that radical real love does exist. Black love is beautiful and these couples make it look like a breeze.


#TheObamas were 44th Potus and Flotus of the US whose presence in the White House was nothing short of historic. Their political success is a true testament of God's favor. The couple wed in 1992 after three years of courtship. They publically hit the presidential campaign trail in 2007 where their love story shone bright on stage and through every photo they have taken for the world to see. The Obamas have dealt with constant criticism, but it is obvious that Michelle is his rock and greatest supporter and will continue to be so regardless of what life throws at them. Barack and Michelle were blessed with two beautiful daughters, Malia and Sasha.


The retired NBA Player and R&B Songtress have a love story that some consider to be quiet and traditional. Grant suffered from an ankle injury in April of 2000 only to later find out that his wife suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. He continued to play ball until he retired in June 2013 after 19 seasons in the NBA. The R&B singer has been winning the hearts of many women with her sultry voice and songs and in 2000 she won an NAACP Image Award in for her duet "Spend My Life with You" (with Eric Benet). While their love story isn't constantly in the limelight it is very much real. The couple have two daughters, Lael Rose and Myla Grace.


It would be wrong to not have included this awesome couple. #WillandJada attended marriage counseling in the past which resulted in a dark and difficult time for them. However, speculations of divorce were crushed when Will tweeted that he and his amazing actress of a wife will not be divorcing. Smith has won several American Music Awards, Grammy Awards and World Music Awards, to name a few. His wife, who is also amazing on the big screen, has won several awards of her own such as an Image Award in 2010 for her role in the hit tv show Hawthorne and Best Supporting Actress in 2005 for her role in the movie Collateral. The couple have 3 children, daughter Willow, son Jaden, and son Trey.


R&B singer #TeyanaTaylor and #ImanShumpert of the Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the hottest and endearing couples around. The pair wed in a private ceremony in their old apartment. It is the same apartment in which their daughter was born without a doctor. The two are very open about their love for each other. In February 2017 the couple was dubbed by GQ Magazine as the "sexiest couple on earth".


In a #PeopleMagazine interview, #AyeshaCurry expressed that she had a "No Athletes" dating policy. The two met as kids and it wasn't until she was acting in LA and he was in town for an ESPY award ceremony that they rekindled. Stephen leads the 2017 Golden State Warriors to their first championship since 1975. His beautiful and gracious wife Ayesha is a budding chef, cookbook author, and actress. The Currys a great source of inspiration for many young couples across the globe as well as for their beautiful daughters Riley and Ryan.


One of the most iconic couples is the Carters. Jay-Z, a.k.a. Hov or Jigga has been dubbed one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop artists of all time. The east coast mogul has sold well over 100 million records with several awards under his belt. His Texas-born wife is also no stranger to great fame, awards and success. Beyonce has a fan base that is almost unmatched with over 107 million followers on Instagram alone. She continues to use her music to address issues surrounding racial inequality and is a staple voice of the Black Lives Matter movement. The two debuted on the scene as a couple in the 2000s and they now have 3 beautiful children - daughters Blue Ivy and twins Rumi and Sir.

The black family, when united, is a powerful force. Don't attempt to mirror these couples, but merely draw inspiration from the love and support they consistently show one another. Use that inspiration to set and build on a solid foundation for your own family that others will want to emulate. We have fallen on dark days and things will get worse before they get better. While love is not perfect we can raise our glasses in cheers to these couples for helping us to keep hope alive.




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