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Celebrate! Small wins, Big Changes. YOU Did That!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021


By: Jessica Holt

Ambitious women have been known to trample over adversities, and reach milestones, but the current societal state has caused even ambitious women to pause, redefine ourselves and our goals, the term well-being. Taking care of self has shifted from focusing solely on our physical bodies to including our emotional and mental success.

Let's take a moment to express gratitude for you! Pat yourself on the back for your resilient spirit! Reflect on all that you’ve accomplished despite what’s going on, and celebrate those new healthy habits you’ve acquired!

This year has encompassed a world of changes. We've had to carry ourselves through a turbulent social and political climate, quickly adjust to the pivot in our careers and home life, and sadly, many are still learning to cope with the loss of loved ones taken by COVID-19. What a shake-up! However, for the ambitious woman, not even a pandemic can slow us down. Which is why it can be such a strain to celebrate small wins, unplug and take time to prepare for the next big thing. As an ambitious woman, it's paramount that you take the necessary time to congratulate yourself. Think about it; It’s hard to “show up” every day and continuously pour into everyone and every project you have your hand in.

Prior to the pandemic, life was fast-paced. We barely had a moment to pause and reflect, and our priorities were often overlooked or forgotten. The beautiful thing about the quarantine has been seeing many people spending more one-on-one time with themselves, going to therapy, learning new skills and hobbies, starting businesses, working out, and smashing personal goals.

“That reflection in the mirror is YOU. I encourage you to love her - flaws and all! Be kind to her, take care of her, see the best in her, and celebrate her.” – Stephanie Lahart 

When you think of self-love, self-care, and well-being think of celebrating yourself in ALL ASPECTS!


1. Emotional- I remain aware of my true thoughts and feelings. I am honest about what I desire, need, and expect in my life. I am consistent with self-care and relaxation!

2. Spiritual- I am consistent with exercising my faith, beliefs, values, principles, prayers and meditations!

3. Social- I cherish the time I spend with family and friends. It is a blessing to be able to build and maintain relationships!

4. Financial- I have an overall healthy relationship with money and despite a global shutdown, my savings, emergency funds, and money habits have all improved!

5. Intellectual- I stimulate my mind by reading a book, listening to podcasts, or participating in other activities that interest or educate me!

6. Mental- I am taking advantage of resources that will help me think clearly when dealing with stress, life changes, and productivity!

7. Physical- I am taking care of myself by enhancing my physical body and eating to nourish myself without sacrificing enjoyment!

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