Boundaries For Dating in 2020 : Terms and Conditions May Apply

Updated: Apr 1

How To Date in 2020

By Shyla Williams

Dating has always been a popular topic. You see it everywhere - on blogs and television, and in movies and magazines. It is popular because everyone wants to love and be loved. However, I have been seeing many people wondering what to do in this new age of dating. Dating websites and apps have taken the dating approach to new heights and have also made the process difficult for some. Dating has become so complicated that many women have instead settled with having "a piece" of something until they are ready to fully jump back into the dating world. If you aren’t sure what it means to settle, just imagine performing girlfriend or wife duties for a guy who isn't your boyfriend or husband. He has no commitment to you and can easily choose to leave you at any time. As appealing as the concept of "no strings attached" sounds, I am finding that most women do not want that type of relationship. I had a few conversations with some of my good girlfriends, and we came up with a few good points on how to date in 2020.

Be Upfront With Your Intentions

Yes, I know it's easier said than done; however, we all should look at the dating process like an interview. All good interviewers make sure to get the essential information from the applicant to see if they qualify for the job. Dating should be no different. Being upfront with your intentions will save you time and heartache. I've seen women date without being upfront with the man they were dating. They played it cool, and in the end, they were disappointed because they never received the type of relationship they were seeking. There should be no confusion, so let them know whether or not you're seeking a committed relationship. If you don't, you might find that you have transitioned into a situation-ship.

Say No To Situation-ships!

Situation-ships are what many of us would consider a grey area in dating. For one, you have all the elements of a relationship. You are going out to dinner, concerts, and plays. You spend nights over each other's house. You may even travel together, but eventually, the fact you two aren't in an official relationship will come up. When it does it may not be pleasant. Situation-ships allow men access to you without a commitment. Some women think they are in relationships but find out later that they were actually in a situation-ship. Ladies, please do not settle for a situation-ship. You deserve to have a man who will commit to you, especially if you want a committed relationship. I have seen no real benefit for women being in a situation-ship when she wants a relationship. It's a waste of your time. You can be using that energy, love, and time towards a man who wants what you want, which leads me to my last but most important point.


Please listen! It is extremely important that you do not settle. If you and a man don’t seem to mesh well, that is a good sign that you two may not be suitable for each other. I have seen many women settle due to fear of being alone and later regret it. You know what you want and expect from a partner, so there is no reason not to have just that. Settling can cause resentment, and that is a feeling no one wants to experience. This new age of dating isn’t easy. It gets more complicated by the day. However, following these points should help to make the process of getting to know someone a bit easier.

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